EIPR - mobile pumps


Pumps for mobile applications

  • Electric-powered forklifts
  • Automotive applications
  • Door openers
  • Brake ventilators


EIPR – the logical development of an innovation

The EIPR is a further development of a radially gap-compensated pump that uses no segments. This series was developed especially for mass production in automotive applications. The pumps in this series are the result of our decades of experience in the development of internal gear systems. They feature especially low-noise operation, excellent levels of efficiency and long service lives.

Technical data
Wave endtwo dimensional, cylindrical
Pump volume (l/min) at 1,500 rpm (range)2,25 - 6
Nominal size (range)0,15-4
Vth - specific volume (cm³/rev) (range)1,5-4,0 - further sizes are available on request
Max. speed (rpm) (range)4.500
Permanent operating pressure (bar) (range)180-200
Peak operating pressure (bar) (range)250
Contact person
  • Jürgen Wegner

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    Fax: +49 (0) 7246 / 9204-946
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    E-Mail: juergen.wegner@eckerle.com