Tattoo 16 - Designer condensate pump with cable connection


The Tattoo 16 with three-stage float control was developed for wall-mounted and cassette units. Design meets functionality. The softer plastic used and the “tribals” integrated into the housing reduce the vibrations that are transferred from the drive and the pulsation of the water column to the housing.  Active noise reduction thanks to modern design and innovative technology.


The Tattoo 10 and 16 comprise a pump and float module. The three-stage float switch controls the pump. If the maximum permissible level of condensate is exceeded, the float triggers an alarm. The float module is connected directly to the outflow pipe of the condensate vessel or to the end of the outflow line. An integrated non-return valve prevents the backflow of condensate into the container (yo-yo effect). Plug and Play thanks to pre-installed connection cable.  The supplied package includes the pump, the sensor, the vibration dampers and fastening materials.

Technical data
For air conditioning units up to (kW)16
Pump module (L x W x H in mm)150,2 × 28,4 × 53,6
Electrical data230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption in Standby mode (W)Betrieb 14 Standby 1
Float module (L x W x H in mm)82 × 39 × 39
Max. delivery volume (l/h)16
Max. delivery height (m)10
Max. head height (m)2,5
Alarm circuitmax. 230 V, 8 A (ohmic load) NO/NC normally open/normally closed
Special featureImpervious to blockage or contamination due to unique valve design and large piston bore
Switching points (mm)Alarm: max. 23 Start: 20 ±1 Stop: 15 ±1
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  • Thomas Ullrich

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Inline filter

straight hose coupling

PVC hose

Check valve

Hose connector

Float detector

Extension cable 3 m

Extension cable 5 m

Extension cable 10 m