EIPS1-020RD01-10 - EIPS segment pump - mobile hydraulic

Ordernumber: 6000100007



Pumps for mobile applications

  • Electric-powered forklifts
  • Diesel-powered forklifts
  • Gas-powered forklifts
  • 2Q-operation pump/hydro motor
  • Decentralized high-efficiency low-voltage-hydraulic units


EIPS – the logical development of an innovation
The EIPS series was developed specially for the rigorous demands of mobile hydraulics. The pumps in this series are the result of our decades of experience in the development of internal gear systems.

Now, the new EIPS1 is available who is ideally suited for small flow rates for variable speed applications with very high efficiency. They feature especially low-noise operation, excellent levels of efficiency, compact design, continious operating pressure up to 320 bar and long service lives.

Technical data
Pump volume (l/min) at 1,500 rpm 3
Nominal size20
Vth - specific volume (cm³/rev)2
Permanent operating pressure (bar)300
Peak operating pressure (bar)320
Wave endcylindrical
Max. speed (rpm)4000
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