Special solutions

Special solutions

More specialist electronic solutions

Our specialist area: customer-specific LED drivers for outputs from 3 to 300 W - with a constant output current or constant output voltage. Adjustable LED streams offer increased security for the future given the constant evolution of LED technology, but also on the input side our focus is on flexibility. As a result, there are drivers for wide-range applications from 100 to 277 V or for emergency lighting systems.

Input voltage ranges from 12 to 60 V (AC/DC) or LED equipment for the EX sector are already in existence, and others are in development.

Of course, ECKERLE also offers dimmable EBUs and LED drivers with 1-10 V or DALI interfaces. Our clients include renowned lighting manufacturers with strict quality demands.

More specialist electronic solutions

Special solutions hydraulic division

From conceptual idea to a final finished product Working together we will make it happen Provide us with your design concept and your hydraulic diagram and we will design the product you want, working closely with you throughout the whole process.

Every step of the way, we tell you exactly what we’re doing. What you want is what we also want: To maximize your success with the highest possible precision.

Special solutions hydraulics division

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